Thursday, June 26, 2008

Welcome to East Denver Bible Baptist Church

Welcome to the East Denver Bible Baptist Church blog. This spot has been created for online communication concerning the events and details about our church and ministry.

My name is Loren Richmond. I am the pastor. The church is meeting in the YMCA building at 3540 E. 31st Avenue, just off Martin Luther King Blvd. in East Denver, Colorado.

My wife's name is Kathy Richmond. She will be spending some time on this blog also, as she has a food ministry out of the church. Read the post on the Food Ministry to find out more about it.

Feel free to ask questions, post comments, or communicate with us to find out what we are doing in the ministry. Please use constructive language and refrain from destructive language on this site. An email can be used to ask questions of a personal nature.


Loren Richmond said...

Pastor Loren, is it true that your facility has a basketball court?

Redrock Rambler said...

Pastor Loren, do you run the Leadville Marathon?